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Heal Me Now
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This Spiritual Musical Medicine Suite is a gift from God, the ultimate Creator and Healer. It came to me as Divine Musical Prophecy to bring comfort, enlightenment and healing in these trying times. Like all medicine, it needs to be administered in the proper dose and frequency, accompanied by optimizing adjuvant modalities and methods.

The prophecy described 6 ways this spiritual musical medicine album can heal
(shown in increasing levels of importance):

  • 6. Heal a bodily/physical ailment
  • 5. Help you become healthier and happier with restoration of lost hope if needed
  • 4. Help you become more creative as you connect with your life purpose
  • 3. Heal heartache and bring new/renewed love to your life and the world
  • 2. Help extend your focus to the well-being of others to improve your own well-being
  • 1. Improve your conscious spiritual connection with God and Goodness, and provide spiritual protection for your overall safety and well-being in these challenging times.
This music will work miracles if you let it!

Directions for Use: Allow yourself at least 35 minutes to complete the treatment.

  • 1. Begin by asking God and your Angels in a prayer or simple request to receive any or all of the above forms of healing, or any other from this music. An example of such a prayer or request (that you are welcome to use) is as follows: “Dear Lord, I thank you for the opportunity to come to you today in prayer, as I ask that you heal me of any and all ailments and/or anguish (bodily, emotional, mental and spiritual). Please restore me to perfect health, happiness and hope.”
  • 2. Then listen from start to finish in a relaxed setting. Take the full dose…listen through the entire 34 minutes using the optimal audio method available to you.
  • 3. Repeat as necessary and frequently. There is no maximum dose.

Music has been scientifically shown to be healing in many ways, and has been used by healers eternally. That this music was sent by God through me, Kenny Davin Fine, a Physician-Musician on a Mission, lends further support that it can and will Heal You Now!

From my heart to yours, Kenny Davin Fine

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Heal Me Now
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Please Share Your Musical Medicine Experience With Me!

  1. Have you heard before that music has been shown to have healing effects?
  2. Before listening did you ask to experience a specific beneficial effect via a
    prayer or simple request?
  3. How many times have you listened to "Heal Me Now" in its entirety?
  4. Did you experience any positive or healing effects to your health and well-being in
    any of the following?
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