Heal Me Now & Rock On Lord

(Double Album)

Experience the Musical Medicine Suite, a gift from God, the ultimate Creator and Healer.

This Spiritual Musical Medicine Suite is a gift from God, the ultimate Creator and Healer. It came as Divine Musical Prophecy to bring comfort, enlightenment and healing in these trying times.

Direcions for use:

  1. Begin by asking God and your angels in a prayer to receive any or all of the listed forms of healing, or any other from this music.
    An example: “Dear Lord, I thank you for this day and as you to heal me now of all ailments and/or anguish. Please
    restore me to perfect health, happiness and hope.”

  2. Then listen in a relaxed setting
  3. Repeat as necessary/frequently


Heal Me Now

Heal Me Now (Overture)
I Lost You
Is It So Hard to Understand
Love’s a Longshot
Floatin’ Cross the Ocean
127 Years From Now
If You’ll Forgive Me
Drownin’ in the January Rain
The Time Now is Nine
Heal Me Now
I’m a Blessed Man
Happy are the People
Brand New Road
What Happened to the Goodness
The Eye of Heaven
Is This a Hill
Friendship & Love 


Experience the Musical Medicine Suite, a gift from God, the ultimate Creator and Healer. Listen Now
There are 6 ways this music can heal:

6. Heal a bodily/physical ailment
5. Help you become healthier, happier and more hopeful
4. Help you become more creative and connected to your life purpose
3. Heal heartache and/or enhance or renew love in your life
2. Help extend focus to the well being of others to improve your own
1. Improve conscious spiritual connection with God and Goodness, and provide spiritual protection for your overall safety and well-being

Rock On Lord

It’ll Always Be 1979
Missionary Man
Rock On Lord
Your Lovin’ Man
Circle of Life
Trippin’ on the Shoestrings
Life Without a Lifetime
Real Love and Lovers
In Pursuit (of Happiness)
Time Keeps Marching On
For Your Health, Happiness and Hope
Walkin’ with the Angels
For Want of Higher Ground
Is One





Music with a purpose to Educate, Entertain & Enlighten

I firmly believe that maintaining overall health hinges on intestinal health and consuming naturally healthy foods. That's why I've committed myself to ensuring that my research, which covers topics such as nutrition, gluten sensitivity, and inflammatory bowel diseases like microscopic colitis, reaches those who need it most Awareness of genetic and environmental risk factors and education are central to our mission. I wish to leave a legacy of one who worked for the good and good health of others.

- Dr. Kenny Davin Fine