Kenny Davin Fine Physician


Kenny Davin Fine

A Physician-Musician
on a Mission

Kenny Davin Fine is a passionate singer-songwriter, guitar-harmonica player, recording artist and spiritual journeyman who entertains, educates, and enlightens with his original music. Kenny’s medley of country, rock, and blues, combined with his intelligent, witty yet sensitive lyrical style, creates a sound noteworthy for both its commercial appeal and spirit-touching qualities.

Dr. Kenneth Davin Fine is also an academic medical doctor. Board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology, and internationally recognized for his nutritional research and scientific publications, he continues to be professionally involved in patient care, medical research, teaching, nutritional pioneering, and public health. In 2000, with the help of his pioneering online diagnostic laboratory,, he launched into the public realm the now very popular gluten sensitivity paradigm, which he expertly diagnoses.

Also a powerful performer, Fine showcases his “Healing Voice” in both live musical shows and inspiring lectures; he is the world’s only "Physician-Musician on a Mission."

At the age of 17 Kenny Davin Fine made the decision to dedicate his life to healing by entering medical school, and ever since has committed to inspiring creativity, goodness, love and health in all he meets. His passionate pursuit of public singing, first as a synagogue Cantor and then as a singer-songwriter, has also been motivated by the Healer within; as he learned from studying Kabbalah, the roots of creativity and healing are one in the same.

While traveling the country Fine uses the stage not only to perform as a musician, but also to educate the public on the importance of proper diet and nutrition for overall health, and to share his philosophies on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In what he calls “The Higher Truth of Health”, his trademark “musical lecture” is truly singing for healing.

From the onset, sound and song have played a role in the art of healing. Ancient medicine men/women and shaman used rattles, drums, and non-melodic chanting in the most primordial applications. Vocal melodic chanting and song eventually found their way into both spiritual and healing institutions, their presence having been noted for as long as human civilization has kept records.

As a high-minded, medical visionary, Kenny Davin Fine, M.D., is looking to revolutionize and re-expand music’s therapeutic application, utilizing his music, message, and healing voice as yet another of his many professional avenues directed at public health, happiness, and hope.

It is this fact that leads Kenny to categorize his music as “Country-RockSpirational”, desiring his art to be not just impressive sonic entertainment, but also a heart-touching and inspirational vehicle for the listener.

When times are tough, people often turn to music for comfort and inspiration, and when they do Kenny Davin Fine will be there serving with his musical gift, scientific breakthroughs, and loving and kind compassion. A true Renaissance Man, Fine’s soon to be released new album “Brand New Road”, foreshadows his desire to break new ground and forge new paths, both musically and in his missions of health and service.

Are YOU ready for a Brand New Road?