"Be the Circle": Inspiring and Spreading Goodness
One Song at a Time... For Goodness' Sake!

"The Circle of Life" is... A Musical Journey to Goodness 

"Be the Circle" is a creative public service outreach founded by physician-musician Kenny Davin Fine for the purpose of inspiring and spreading Goodness… for Goodness’ sake!

Inspired by the lyrics of his own original song “The Circle of Life… There’s No Time to Waste” (released in 2010 on his “All is One” Indie music CD), and a desire to pave a path for his “healing voice” to reach more people, Fine hopes to lead more people to a purposeful and successful life for the greater good, utilizing his music and what he calls “Eleven Points of Light”. He separates these eleven points as follows: five points in (service to others, faith in and acts of goodness, loving-kindness, gratitude, and truth/honesty) leading to six points out (spiritual power, health, wisdom, joy, freedom, and purposeful successful living). His mission of public service has always been to serve “For Your Health, Happiness and Hope!” “Be the Circle” adds a new dimension to his unique brand of service. 

Psalms 34:15    Turn from evil and do Good, seek amity and pursue it.

"Goodness is the only investment that never fails" ~ Henry David Thoreau

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The catch phrases Dr. Fine personally applies to this new phase of his mission are: If there is a Circle of Life, and there’s No Time to Waste, then Be the Circle!

Lend a helping hand; I got your back (help and support those in need according to the Golden Rule); What goes around comes around; Pay it forward

Combining entertainment with education, in events he describes as “Edutainment”, affords Dr. Fine the vehicle to deliver his powerful and inspirational messages in both song and lectures. He categorizes these events as “A Tale of Two Hemispheres” because they utilize both his scientific/medical left brain and his creative-musical/artistic right brain. His goal is to stimulate “Dually Hemispheric” activity in his patrons as well, hoping not only to educate the public on his latest scientific health information and medical research findings, but also to share with them and inspire what he acronym-izes as GLITCH: Gratitude/Goodness,Love, Inspiration, Truth, Creativity, and Healing.

“Be the Circle” joins five previously existing mechanisms of public service by Kenny Davin Fine, outlets for him to share his many talents with the public. He now calls his combined service efforts “Six Sides of Service”, which include: a Scientific-Medical Side with medical research and clinical laboratory testing (www.EnteroLab.com); an Educational Side in the form of a non-profit public health and educational institute hosting seminars, weekend conferences, and offering free online health information (www.IntestinalHealth.org, www.FinerHealth.com); an Organic SuperFood Nutritional Side organizing local organic food co-ops and an online SuperFood website (www.TheOrganicAlternative.com); a Paternal Side with a musical children’s health and nutrition initiative (www.GetOnAMissionOfNutrition.org); a Musical-Artistic Side with entertaining and enlightening original music recordings and concerts (www.KennyDavinFine.com); and finally, a Spiritual/Inspirational Side inspiring and spreading goodness with “Be the Circle” and an upcoming spiritual health and healing retreat center (www.bethecircle.org).

It is Dr. Fine’s belief that we should exist in this world in a service mode to others to do G-d’s bidding for a more successful purposeful life; for the purpose of healing ourselves, healing each other, and healing the planet; to be the hands of creation for G-d; and ultimately to help bring our current earthly existence to its next higher plane of redemptive evolution. Service work, according to Dr. Fine, can be seen as “Love in Action”. In order to shun the evil that exists in this world, we must, as the Psalms tell us, “do Good!” “My service work is in the name of G-d and goodness, to help bring people to the goodness of G-d, and to serve people with my G-d given talent and creativity..., all ‘For Goodness’ Sake’. In this regard, it is my mission to share and inspire a GLITCH in as many lives as is possible, and to recruit other Spiritual Warriors to help in this Fight for Goodness.”

Kenny Davin Fine draws inspiration for his Six Sides of Service from the six directions around us (East, South, West, and North, down and up), as it relates to the presence and goodness of G-d that is always around us. We should be conscious of this, meditate on this fact, and be six-fold grateful and prayerful for everything we have been given and will be given in this life.

His metaphysical understanding of these Six Sides of existence are:
East - the sunrise, always holding the prospect of a new day, a new way and change, the way to the Holy Land.
South - the warmth of a southern wind that allows us to live and not be in the cold or in discomfort.
West - the sunset, being grateful for the day we just had, the past.
North - upward on the map, the mountains in the North, represents our "Higher Ground", our higher spiritual consciousness, what we aspire to ultimately be.
Down - the rock and earth on which we stand, on which we firm our foundation, and get grounded; the earth/planet itself without which we would not exist; the earthly mother - “mother of creation" principle.
Up - heaven, the sky, where our human nature leads us to look and connect to G-d; the true Source from which we draw inspiration and life force; “Our Father who art in heaven…”

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Thank you, and may G-d bless you and keep you!