The Healing Voice

For centuries sound and song have played a role in the art of healing. Ancient medicine men/women and shaman used rattles, drums, and non-melodic chanting in the most primordial applications.

Later, vocal melodic chanting and song found their way into both spiritual and healing institutions. Recently, there has been a re-emergence of sound healing techniques, employing pure vibrational tones such as those generated by pitchforks or striking crystal bowls. The human voice and music are also finding their place as formal healing modalities in the modern healing arts; individuals utilizing vocal or non-vocal music in this way are called therapeutic musicians or certified music practitioners. As a high-minded, medical visionary, part of Kenny Davin Fine's mission is to revolutionize and expand the therapeutic application of music globally, utilizing the healing power of voice and the undeniable truth of positivity to spread health, happiness, and hope to all.

"Be the Circle": Inspiring and Spreading Goodness
One Song at a Time... For Goodness' Sake!