Double Album


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Yes Is The Word

Don’t Want an Electric Lover
Sign of the Times
Love’ll Never Let Us Be
The Autumn of My Life
Miss Sky
Not All Pairs
Our Friend George
The New Your and Me
The Way You Touched Me
Because it’s True
If I See You Again
All the Girls I
Meet Ageless Rockstars


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4000 Years of Anticipation

It’ll Always Be 1979
4000 Years of Anticipation
Lucky Lady
What Happened to the Goodness
Life Without a Lifetime
Jennie Rae
I Know What I know
We’ll Never Say Goodbye
For Your Health, Happiness and Hope
Is This a Hill or a Valley
The Eye of Heaven
The Eagle on the Mountain
Is One




Music with a purpose to Educate, Entertain & Enlighten

I firmly believe that maintaining overall health hinges on intestinal health and consuming naturally healthy foods. That's why I've committed myself to ensuring that my research, which covers topics such as nutrition, gluten sensitivity, and inflammatory bowel diseases like microscopic colitis, reaches those who need it most Awareness of genetic and environmental risk factors and education are central to our mission. I wish to leave a legacy of one who worked for the good and good health of others.

- Dr. Kenny Davin Fine